Revenge is for movies

"I Saw the Devil" (2010)- Indeed because no man in real life could become the monster the main character becomes so quickly in this Korean revenge flick. Kim Soo-Hyeon is a police officer who’s wife is murdered by a serial killer and in the process becomes a sicko, becoming no better than the man he’s hunting. The transformation is so hard to believe, much like the violence shown. Now with a soulless face like Kyung-chul’s maybe it doesn’t matter, it takes no time at all when you look into the devil’s eyes. 

The movie aside from that one grip is a non stop train ride of amazingness. For all the unbelievable torture that shocks the senses it’s also mesmerizing. The movie is fantastic to look at, the uses of colors, the angles and framing of every scene. Its also very subtle and brilliant. Not every evil deed is shown on screen while some moments relish in the pain being inflicted, so its a toss up, you never know if the next stabbing or decapitation will be shown and there’s genuine suspense in that. There are many other observations to say, it’ll just take too long.

One of the finest fucked up movies I’ve ever seen.