Terminator 5, obsolete? (spoilers)

As the final verdict on anything Terminator related, the world has been holding its breath for my opinion on the new film and is it a sigh of relief? Well it depends on what you compare it to. Terminator 1 was a simple story that was made a classic by its stylish look, great cast and it took itself seriously for a plot revolving around a time traveling killer robot and its helpless victim. We then got Terminator 2 that was beyond awesome, it was like a rare, once in a lifetime powerball drawing, it became my favorite film of all time before I even knew about other movies and still stands decades later as one of the few perfect movies. 

For about 12 years things were serene and untouched but along came the unwanted sequel which I could have grown to like with some maturity but the ending is so disrespectful that it can never be loved. Terminator 4 was promising and while MCG nailed down a killer look thats fitting for the series while also knocking the walls with some good action it lacked an emotional reaction, there just wasn't a good story. 

So comes part 5, its far away from being a memorable experience like the first two movies but its a fucking masterpiece by comparison to 3 and 4. To save time I'll simply describe the pros/cons in bullet list of the sorts.


+  Confusing, sure, but the story had a whole hella lot more going for it.

+  Undoes the injustice of the third film's ending, pays cool homages

+  Arnold, JK Simmons

- Action is hit or miss, the latter being cg messes and over the top.

- A bit too much comedy especially one outrageous moment involving "Cops", the tone after an awesome beginning wasn't balanced.

All bad things considered and they should have left the series alone but given what we've been given T5 was a good ride leaving me with much to think about, they went into the deep end with puzzling plots sure but its far more than what we've seen from the last two movies. All these opinions though don't really matter because the cash flow from foreign countries just sky rocketed that flick and it stands currently with a profit of nearly 300 million dollars. The terminator are gonna keep coming.