Be it because of fate or a set of coincidences of events in my childhood, I've lived most of my life with a constant love for cinema and the arts. There was no almost no questioning, even at a young age, about how I would live the rest of my life and to this day I continue to make steps towards being recognized for my imagination. If I remained silent with my creative visions I wouldn't be happy in this life. With a discipline that grew out of my military experience, I bring strong work practices to my projects and I hold myself to no less than my absolute best.

I'm Serge Soucy, an honors graduate of The New England School of Photography, with a major in fine art black and white and minor in fashion. I currently reside in Connecticut.



  • Maggie Inc
  • Dynasty Modeling
  • The Beauty Within
  • Model Club Inc


  • Monochrome Awards 2016, honorable mention.
  • Darkroom Gallery (2017): honorable mentions in the "Abstraction" exhibit and "Le Paysage" exhibit. 
  • Honors received in fashion and black and white fine art, The New England School of Photography.
  • Photographer's Forum: 2016 Best of College and High School finalist.
  • Darkroom Gallery (2016): In the Moment exhibit
  • PRC Boston: The Curated Fridge "Off the Fridge" Showing 2016.