About me

Be it because of fate or a set of coincidences of events in my childhood, I've lived most of my life with a constant love for cinema and the arts. There was no almost no questioning, even at a young age, about how I would live the rest of my life, and to this day I continue to make steps towards being recognized for my imagination. If I remained silent with my creative visions I wouldn't be happy in this life. With a discipline that grew out of my military experience, I'll bring strong work practices to my projects and I'll always hold myself to no less than my absolute best.

I'm Serge Soucy, and I'm a honors graduate from The New England School of Photography with a concentration on fine art black and white and in fashion. I currently reside in Connecticut.



  • Maggie Modeling Inc
  • Dynasty Modeling
  • The Beauty Within
  • Model Club Inc


  • Darkroom Gallery (2017): honorable mentions in the "Abstraction" exhibit and "Le Paysage" exhibit. 
  • Monochrome Awards 2016, honorable mention.
  • Honors received in fashion and black and white fine art, The New England School of Photography.
  • Photographer's Forum: 2016 Best of College and High School finalist.
  • Darkroom Gallery (2016): In the Moment exhibit
  • PRC Boston: The Curated Fridge "Off the Fridge" Showing 2016.