My desire to make films continues but only out of rage.

* New remakes/reboots, sequels that are expected: Ace Ventura, The Exorcist, 2 new Ghostbusters, Men in Black, a 3rd reiteration of Spiderman in just the span of 15 years. X-Men, another Halloween, King Kong, Resident Evil, Furious 8 (despite the fact that one of its main actors has died) and the list goes on.

* Almost any other movie out is based on either a book or true events.

* Only 2 of the top 10 grossing films this year were not sequels, adaptations, prequels or reboots. 

The people in charge of the major Hollywood studios are afraid of video on demand content like Netflix, youtube and it shows. They’re afraid of banking on new ideas and now the market is over saturated with rehashes of other people’s hard work because well known, pre-exisisting franchises will guarantee some interest/cash for them.

I wonder… how many new and great movies and franchises will there be for future generations? If my child grows fond of movies I was inspired by that’s great… but how many new things will there have been that would have made his life unique and different from mine? 

Movies shouldn't just be some form of entertainment that can be toyed with, they’ve helped shape our culture, they’ve inspired and should be treated as the great works they are. A great thing comes along and rather left it untouched it becomes tampered with like an oil well and not long after you’ll see too many attempts made to try and recapture the magic it once had.

Or I could have simply said there isn’t enough originality in the major movie business and I hope to do something about it. But then I miss all the fun of expressing my anger, keeping my opinion silent and we all know what happens when we don’t speak, somebody else does it for us.

AND I didn't even touch on foreign markets. Terminator 5 opened with abysmal box office numbers, was largely disliked but received nearly half a billion dollars from overseas. Our everyday products are made in other countries and now were out to sell them our movies. 

Now that's over I'm gonna eat a fucking snack.