A word on exporting

          How often is your trouble shooting related to on site photographing and how often is it related to your postproduction? In the case of my latest shoot with model Chelsey Taylor, the later turned out to be my biggest hardship. In a number of my shots I covered the front of my lens with a red gel sheet. This could have easily been done as an after effect in Photoshop but by using a filter in the moment, it gave me an additional surge of inspiration, seeing the results in camera immediately has a way of rewarding you instantly. So I rolled with this surreal concept of covering her world in red. The trouble I ran into was in my attempt to export these images to her through Facebook and Instagram.

          I knew about image compression and the degrading that results from passing around digital files, however with such extreme color being present in my images, this caused another issue. While they appeared crisp before my export, the end result was a blurry, low resolution looking image. The solution to this problem.

1- resize your images, with the long side at 2080 pixels, 300 dpi

2- convert your image to sRGB

3- then save to the web with the following settings on the image below. (check progressive, leave convert color and embed color profile unchecked.)

(I converted my image twice in the color space options, this was my error.)

Then export and enjoy in the sharing with your creative members. You can also read more on this exporting process at the following link, which helped me out.

So don’t forget folks, remember that your images go on a journey while exporting and can end up becoming something else at the end of the trip.