IMO (in my opinion)

A common question thats asked when the oscars become relevant every January and Febuary is not who was nominated but who was left out? We think about defeats and those who are left out from the rest all the time, not just these award shows. With any sort of competition its a battle of the skills and if you didn’t win then you weren’t good enough to somebody, appreciation for the effort goes largely unnoticed. 

This blog post is mostly for filmmakers but the idea translates to anybody who’s tired and didn’t make “the cut”, earn a spot on the highly sought after list but you’ve made an impression on me. Henry Cavill, who knows what the future of Superman will be for you but the physical condition you need to play that role is a great responsibility, and I commend you for that. The same goes for any actor mostly of the action genre, they laugh at you for your acting abilities but lets see them put on the muscle. To the horror movies so often dismissed as being unnecessary and harmful, I for one enjoy the splatter fest every now and then, in fact many of the guys who makes these movies are some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever heard. I’ve often found disagreement with rotten tomato scores and my god is harsh on the movies. What I’m driving at is, do your best, seems so mother like doesn’t it and it often doesn’t feel like its worth anything, we don’t often do things just to impress ourselves especially since we are our own worst critics. Just put forth your abilities there are people out there like me, who can see that. 

Your in the game and theres somebody who isn’t, your already winning IMO.