Love the Troma Way

Last night I among with 70 other or so movie going fans were delighted to have spent the late night/early hours of the morning with Lloyd Kaufman at the Coolidge Theatre. A man who isn't in a business for money and clearly knows no limits. Along with his wife Pat Kaufman they were open for questions, autographs, free pictures and were a great presence the entire time (and of course Toxie himself). Lloyd even gave his number to somebody at one point because he wanted the help the man out with a video project. Amazing.  

The movies may seem.... well lets just say you don't come across films like them everyday but the same can also be said for their love to the fans and vice versa.  

Let the computer serve you sir.

So at an Uno's restaurant near me they have these new touch screens at all the tables. They allow you to pay for your meal, order more food, etc, etc. Basically it makes the lives of the employees easier. What it says to me though is that were all drifting farther and farther apart. Less face time= smaller tip. That's what your going to get from me.

My desire to make films continues but only out of rage.

* New remakes/reboots, sequels that are expected: Ace Ventura, The Exorcist, 2 new Ghostbusters, Men in Black, a 3rd reiteration of Spiderman in just the span of 15 years. X-Men, another Halloween, King Kong, Resident Evil, Furious 8 (despite the fact that one of its main actors has died) and the list goes on.

* Almost any other movie out is based on either a book or true events.

* Only 2 of the top 10 grossing films this year were not sequels, adaptations, prequels or reboots. 

The people in charge of the major Hollywood studios are afraid of video on demand content like Netflix, youtube and it shows. They’re afraid of banking on new ideas and now the market is over saturated with rehashes of other people’s hard work because well known, pre-exisisting franchises will guarantee some interest/cash for them.

I wonder… how many new and great movies and franchises will there be for future generations? If my child grows fond of movies I was inspired by that’s great… but how many new things will there have been that would have made his life unique and different from mine? 

Movies shouldn't just be some form of entertainment that can be toyed with, they’ve helped shape our culture, they’ve inspired and should be treated as the great works they are. A great thing comes along and rather left it untouched it becomes tampered with like an oil well and not long after you’ll see too many attempts made to try and recapture the magic it once had.

Or I could have simply said there isn’t enough originality in the major movie business and I hope to do something about it. But then I miss all the fun of expressing my anger, keeping my opinion silent and we all know what happens when we don’t speak, somebody else does it for us.

AND I didn't even touch on foreign markets. Terminator 5 opened with abysmal box office numbers, was largely disliked but received nearly half a billion dollars from overseas. Our everyday products are made in other countries and now were out to sell them our movies. 

Now that's over I'm gonna eat a fucking snack.

Revenge is for movies

"I Saw the Devil" (2010)- Indeed because no man in real life could become the monster the main character becomes so quickly in this Korean revenge flick. Kim Soo-Hyeon is a police officer who’s wife is murdered by a serial killer and in the process becomes a sicko, becoming no better than the man he’s hunting. The transformation is so hard to believe, much like the violence shown. Now with a soulless face like Kyung-chul’s maybe it doesn’t matter, it takes no time at all when you look into the devil’s eyes. 

The movie aside from that one grip is a non stop train ride of amazingness. For all the unbelievable torture that shocks the senses it’s also mesmerizing. The movie is fantastic to look at, the uses of colors, the angles and framing of every scene. Its also very subtle and brilliant. Not every evil deed is shown on screen while some moments relish in the pain being inflicted, so its a toss up, you never know if the next stabbing or decapitation will be shown and there’s genuine suspense in that. There are many other observations to say, it’ll just take too long.

One of the finest fucked up movies I’ve ever seen.

Terminator 5, obsolete? (spoilers)

As the final verdict on anything Terminator related, the world has been holding its breath for my opinion on the new film and is it a sigh of relief? Well it depends on what you compare it to. Terminator 1 was a simple story that was made a classic by its stylish look, great cast and it took itself seriously for a plot revolving around a time traveling killer robot and its helpless victim. We then got Terminator 2 that was beyond awesome, it was like a rare, once in a lifetime powerball drawing, it became my favorite film of all time before I even knew about other movies and still stands decades later as one of the few perfect movies. 

For about 12 years things were serene and untouched but along came the unwanted sequel which I could have grown to like with some maturity but the ending is so disrespectful that it can never be loved. Terminator 4 was promising and while MCG nailed down a killer look thats fitting for the series while also knocking the walls with some good action it lacked an emotional reaction, there just wasn't a good story. 

So comes part 5, its far away from being a memorable experience like the first two movies but its a fucking masterpiece by comparison to 3 and 4. To save time I'll simply describe the pros/cons in bullet list of the sorts.


+  Confusing, sure, but the story had a whole hella lot more going for it.

+  Undoes the injustice of the third film's ending, pays cool homages

+  Arnold, JK Simmons

- Action is hit or miss, the latter being cg messes and over the top.

- A bit too much comedy especially one outrageous moment involving "Cops", the tone after an awesome beginning wasn't balanced.

All bad things considered and they should have left the series alone but given what we've been given T5 was a good ride leaving me with much to think about, they went into the deep end with puzzling plots sure but its far more than what we've seen from the last two movies. All these opinions though don't really matter because the cash flow from foreign countries just sky rocketed that flick and it stands currently with a profit of nearly 300 million dollars. The terminator are gonna keep coming.

Unto Dawn (a new website emerges.)

Just writing for the sake of writing, to get better with it. Anyway the site is now live as of June 6, 2015 (so mark it on the calendar). It'll only grow from here with your seeds, so please check in once in a while for new content, recommend it to friends that you know (especially if they're in the business of photography *smile face*). Thank you and take good care now.  

IMO (in my opinion)

A common question thats asked when the oscars become relevant every January and Febuary is not who was nominated but who was left out? We think about defeats and those who are left out from the rest all the time, not just these award shows. With any sort of competition its a battle of the skills and if you didn’t win then you weren’t good enough to somebody, appreciation for the effort goes largely unnoticed. 

This blog post is mostly for filmmakers but the idea translates to anybody who’s tired and didn’t make “the cut”, earn a spot on the highly sought after list but you’ve made an impression on me. Henry Cavill, who knows what the future of Superman will be for you but the physical condition you need to play that role is a great responsibility, and I commend you for that. The same goes for any actor mostly of the action genre, they laugh at you for your acting abilities but lets see them put on the muscle. To the horror movies so often dismissed as being unnecessary and harmful, I for one enjoy the splatter fest every now and then, in fact many of the guys who makes these movies are some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever heard. I’ve often found disagreement with rotten tomato scores and my god is harsh on the movies. What I’m driving at is, do your best, seems so mother like doesn’t it and it often doesn’t feel like its worth anything, we don’t often do things just to impress ourselves especially since we are our own worst critics. Just put forth your abilities there are people out there like me, who can see that. 

Your in the game and theres somebody who isn’t, your already winning IMO.